Private Phone Reading

What can I  expect with a reading?
Unlike a typical reading where the psychic medium interprets the messages received, I channel all messages, feelings and visions directly. (The best way to describe it is as if I’m transcribing information, or a memory that isn’t mine.)

I also go into great detail with regards to all the people, both dead and alive, that surround you.  I see, hear and feel loved ones, your angels and spirit guides, as well as connect with your own unique, higher self.

Every message, story, symbol or person that I connect with on your behalf is positive. There is never any judgment, opinion or lesson to be proven. Instead, together we truly see all your life’s experiences and situations “through angel’s eyes!” there is only compassion, forgiveness, and love …no matter what the information is.

One of the best benefits I believe that come from having a session with me is that energy is transmuted and elevated, from your mind, body and subconscious. Often times I tap into past lives of parallel experiences that ultimately explain why you have, or attract, a certain situation. By connecting with your divine team, there’s always a logical and comforting solution…one that only angels could see.

The best way to prepare for a reading to be open, loving, faith filled. All information is sacred and confidential. Like a day at the spa, it’s an experience never to forget.

Disclaimer: All information that is gained through readings, sessions, workshops or seminars is for enlightenment and/or inspiration only. No messages or information should be construed as medical or legal advice.
Cindy Goldenberg is not to be held liable for any reaction, choice, or outcome of information as a result of a reading or session.
There are no refunds or exchanges.

Although Cindy makes every effort to get back to clients as soon as possible, due to her wait list, it may take up to 5 days to be contacted for a personal reading, and booking a session may take up to a few weeks. (However cancellations are common, and you may be contacted immediately as soon as time allows.)