Say “Yes” to the Mess!


Woman GraphicThere’s a lot that goes on that we just can’t see. Energy flows, trees grow, and the untapped mass of pure potential is just waiting for us to call upon it. “Wow. Cool. Why should I care?”

Being clairvoyant, it’s very easy for me to know, feel and see energy. By doing this, it makes me happy and rejuvenated. It crosses my logical mind as an “Absolutely, but of course!” kind of thought. And it makes my senses focus only on beauty.


Yes I enjoy the sweet birds that come eat from my birdfeeder.

Yes my morning blossoms are beautiful and fragrant.

Yes my big black dog is a view to behold lying in the dirt sunbathing after his bath.


“But what about the real world? The problems? The trash? The messes around the house? All of us tangible people who have our feet on the ground see the real stuff–don’t you?”

Of course I do. But I don’t buy into it. I do not feel the limited thoughts that are attached to the drudgery of household chores. I do not feel the overwhelming futility of a polluted world while looking at an ocean bay. I do not feel the powerlessness of giving up.

“You’ve got to be kidding! So what kinds of meds do you take?”

Call it a preference or practice, but what I’ve really trained my mind to do is to focus not only on what I want to see, but what I expect to see. For me, it’s a drug called “Yes!”

“Did it happen overnight?” No.

“Did it change my perception?” Yes.

“Was it hard to initiate?” No.

“Did it make you clairvoyant?” Yes.

“Yes” is really an idea, an attitude and an awareness rolled into one intention. It’s an objective, a goal, and an endpoint. It magnetizes solutions.

It’s also a reaction or choice that creates an imprint so molecularly and ethereally powerful that it dramatically changes your perspective—and outcome! In other words, by saying and thinking “Yes!” you will literally begin to see the light, attract the right situation, experience a better result–and know that you did!Woman Kitchen Color

So, the next time you have 1,000 things in front of you that must to be done in order to prevent the world from falling apart, or when everything seems to NOT be going as planned, just remember to say “Yes” to the mess!

Recognize that as you dare to aim high and out of the box, the opposite reaction of turmoil, obstacles and drama will rush toward you! (Nothing personal, it’s just karmic assignments that actually fuel our potential!) Just know that you are witnessing the ingredients of the challenge as it prepares you to succeed.

So, say “Yes!” to your committed choice of walking right through any challenge!

Say “Yes!” to believing in yourself regardless of the past!

And say “Yes!” to anyone, anytime who can’t hear your song of faith!

Woman towel Beach

Look through it, because you can. And always remember, what you want wants you!

Now I’ll say “Yes!” to that!

Clairvoyant Viewpoint: There is a part of us that always remembers… where we came from, what we’re made of, and how we work. Take just a few moments each day to invoke the Law of Attraction by first understanding why we say “no.” Do not judge your reasons.

Woman CU Hands Simply become aware that you are now “looking through them.”

With practice and awareness, not only will you quickly become good at moving through obstacles, you’ll soon begin to bite down  on what it is you really want and receive it!

Affirmation: It is safe for me to ask for miraculous experiences and thrilling expectations!    

It is easy for me to experience a life filled with luxurious and rich  opportunities!

I say ‘Yes!’ to abundant success, joy and happiness now!

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